Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Memo to My Employer: The American Arbitration Association

Corporate Cultures

I’ve always been amazed with corporate cultures. Working for one company, you might find that their culture and mission is structured around service, while another company focuses more on the quality of a product. Living in America, one can just say a company’s name and certain ideas (usually about the culture and atmosphere) come to mind. Ones that come to my mind are FORD for tradition, Nordstrom for customer service, and Wal-Mart for low prices. Some companies even define themselves in their slogans. NIKE proclaims to “Just Do It”, Subway informs us to “Eat Fresh”, and The Home Depot encourages “You can do it, We can help”.

This got me thinking about the culture of the AAA. Do the majority of our employees enjoy and have pride in the work they do everyday? Do our customers automatically pick up the phone and dial us first-knowing that they will get good service? Do lawyers and judges recommend us? Does Forbes magazine want to do a report on us for one of the “Best Companies to Work for in America”?

In my opinion, and because I work for AAA, I want all of the above questions to be answered with a definite “Yes”. I want college students to study us in business school, and knock on our doors for a summer internship. I want magazines to interview us because we are innovative and rise above the competition. I want the benefits, pay, and moral of the company to be at an all-time high.

In the below memo, I tell a story that prompted me thinking on culture, and then I propose an idea that can take us into the future and have everybody looking to our company as an American business leader.

The Digital Doctor

A couple of months ago, I wasn’t feeling well. It was the weekend and unfortunately a Sunday; therefore, my doctor’s offices were closed. Luckily, I live near an emergency care place that takes my insurance, so I decided to go. Once I got there, I noticed something different. Usually, in doctors’ offices one notices filing cabinets and many receptionists. It is generally a busy place to work and sometimes a little stuffy and crowded out in the waiting area. This place had a television and loads of space and I got a laid-back kind of vibe from it all. Also, I noticed that there were not any files to be seen.

After I had signed in, the doctor took me back to his office where they started a digital file on me. He took my picture from a web-cam and asked the general doctor questions, only he entered them into a computer. Even the agreement was on the computer and I made a digital signature that immediately showed up on the computer screen. There was one screen he was entering information on, and another screen in front of me that showed me what he was doing. After all of this, he took my blood pressure and asked me to breath. This was entered into the computer as well.

After the doctor examined me and wrote me a prescription, we went back out to the receptionist’s desk and he printed out a receipt for the service he had provided. Behind the desk were simply a phone/computer and a printer/fax/scanner machine. No filing cabinets. I was amazed by the process and asked him about the filing system. He explained to me that he works in a very small space and has no room for physically storing hundreds of patient files; therefore, he has a Microsoft based program that does everything for him. All he has to do is enter it in and save it, and you are good to go.

I thought to myself, is this the doctors’ office of the future? Can this be the future of business; could this be the future of AAA?

Truthfully, AAA is gaining ground on the cutting-edge. With marketing tools like our new website and customer programs like Webfile and Cybersettle we are staying a step ahead of the game. To the outside world, we continue and I hope we will always continue to be viewed as a leader in ADR. I want to challenge the company to always look ahead for our users’ sake, but to also look ahead for the great employees of the AAA as well. Having the latest technology that is fast and efficient in every regional office and in every case management center is important. Designing the workplace of the future in every office with a competitive salary and a knowledgeable staff is what will make great people stay and will attract new employees to our offices. With new technologies being offered for the customer, it is my main challenge to develop the same for the AAAs great employees.

The digital revolution is now taking off. CD sales are at an all-time low, while digital sales from companies like I-Tunes, Burnlounge, and Amazon are at an all-time high. The music and entertainment industry is realizing this new technology change. Even my Doctor sees it. In order for this company to survive, it must always be an innovator, a leader. It must never rest for its people, mission and customers.

Today, dream up your AAA idea and ask yourself what the future of the American Arbitration Association is.


Anonymous said...

AAA Promotes, Awards and protects the criminal while trashing and destroying America. Non - profit, Honor, Respect, Rule, Ethics, Oaths, Truth, Justice, are just a perception made with smoke and mirrors. Facts Look for your self. The FBI Investigate and charge Martha Stewart while AAA boldly shows overwhelming evidence of corruption, against all America. AAA money from profits has paid off and sold America down river.
AAA trashes your constitutional rights.
Fact Oath of Office

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God
AAA uses money, power, and greed. Fact Just ask AAA if they have ever in there history charged anyone with perjury. The Answer Is [NO] Why? I ask and I quote From AAA " everyone lies". Facts AAA has Rule, Ethics and there are Laws you say. Smoke and Mirrors. You must abide by the Rules, Ethics and Laws not AAA. AAA has immunity without accountability they can and have literally created false statement on awards with false dates not even on a contract[smoke] to point guilt at the victims [ mirrors]. AAA then can award nominal damages to the criminal. The award then can be used to protect the criminal by pointing blame in another direction. Fact Home Repair fraud sky rockets with mandatory AAA Arbitration. At the same time AAA sky rockets to #1, AAA clients more bolder to commit fraud cause more consumers to be forced in AAA Mandatory arbitration. Fact No Buts AND OR about it. No matter what the facts or evidence against AAA they can just laugh at America. AAA then boldly uses immunity and unjust laws to trash our constitution. Facts with 2 small children I am more non-profit. Just look and you to will be amazed. I will fight AAA any time eye to eye. Law to Law but when I win they will cry like rich spoiled brats immunity without accountability. The Boldly #1 in America AAA awards criminal found guilty by indictment of criminal fraud Illinois Case# 2007 CF 1469 causing victims single father, and 2 small children to pay $5,000.00 nominal damages and worse AAA trashes victims family name to to give false perception for award. Come kick my ass AAA and you will find Honor And Respect has no fear. God is my witness.

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